Why do I need a Website? Here are 10 realistic reasons

Why do I need a website?

Are you not sure if getting a website designed is worth the money? Here are 10 realistic reasons why having a website will help you get more clients and make you more money.

1. You need more money

This is the number one reason why you need a website. You need more money, and the only way to achieve that is to get more clients. Having an online presence in the form of a professional and well designed Website is a major way to achieve that goal in modern times. Keep this in mind while you read the following reasons.

2. Attract new customers 24/7

Your doors may close at 5pm, but your website is open all night. Potential clients will browse your services, information and products while you sleep. You’ve never had a more productive and loyal employee as a website. Not to mention that new clients will email you while they are lying in bed, rather than forget about you by the next morning.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” Paul Cookson

3. Google and Smart Phones

If I were to ask you what the Dollar exchange rate was, or the migration behaviour of a certain animal – what would your first action be? Google it on your Phone. 100 Billion Google searches are performed every month. That is a huge opportunity that your business cannot afford to miss.

4. Your competition has a website

Go ahead and Google the services / products that you sell. What do you see? If a potential or existing client wants to know more about your business, your website needs to be there to answer their questions, and if it’s not – your competitor’s website is.

5. Credibility

Having a professional website shows great credibility in the eyes of a potential client, as well as shows your existing clients that you are moving and growing. The opposite would occur if a potential client were to look up your business and not find you.

6. Instant Brochure

You will be able to use your website to show off your products and services to any client, anywhere.

7. Online Billboard

Use your website as an online billboard to market your promotions, limited offers and marketing strategies.

8. Measurable results

Having a professional website that is skillfully integrated with Google Analytics will show you how many people have viewed your website over time. This information provides not only a realistic and measurable form of marketing feedback, but the data collected can be extremely useful in learning more about your target market.

9. Contact us

When a potential or existing client is looking for your contact details, the first thing they will do is Google them. Having easily accessible Contact information will give clients a shortcut to your business and to increased profits.

10. A website is an investment, not an expense.

We often hear that it is important to make smart investments that will benefit us going forward. Investing in a professional Website is one of them. Think of it this way: If your website costs you R30,000 / $2000, but lands you only ONE new client that spends R50,000 / $2000 over the course of a year – then your investment has already been a success.

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